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Shropshire HomePoint

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How It Works

How do I get housing?

HomePoint strongly recommends you consider all of your housing options carefully and have a clear understanding of how to use HomePoint.

For more detailed information, we recommend that you:

•  Download our Frequently Asked Questions

•  Download our Useful Information Sheet

•  Complete a questionnaire for a personal online Housing Solutions Action Plan

•  Look at the Homelessness and Housing Advice section.


This website

This website can be used to:

•  To apply to join the Shropshire Housing Register (waiting list) and update your application if your circumstances or contact details change

•  If you are a social housing tenant living in Shropshire of a HomePoint Partner, to register to join the Shropshire Mutual Exchange Register

•  To view properties on National HomeSwap Direct

•  To bid (apply) for available properties in Shropshire, including:

    Affordable and Social Rented

    House Shares

    Low Cost Home Ownership

    Mutual Exchanges

    Private Properties for Sale

    Private Rented

•  To view property results

•  To view useful advice and / or complete a Housing Solutions Action Plan for online advice tailored to your situation

•  To contact HomePoint.


How do I start

Please take time to become familiar with how this website and HomePoint works.

•  We recommend you view a short video of how to use this website

•  Register your basic household details using Login / My Account

•  Once you have registered your household you can then:

    Apply to join the Shropshire Housing Register

    Apply to join the Shropshire Mutual Exchange Register

    Complete an online Housing Solutions Action Plan.

If you have any difficulties please contact HomePoint and speak with an adviser.


An overview of how Shropshire HomePoint works

1. You complete a HomePoint paper application form or online application in full and supply copies of any relevant documentation. Copies of documents can be sent by post or emailed. To prevent email correspondence being sent to your junk mail folder, please add to your electronic contacts list.

2. HomePoint will check if you are eligible to join the Housing Register. If you are eligible, your need for housing will be assessed according to four categories called ‘bands’.  Priority Band is for those in emergency need, Gold Band for those with a high level of need, Silver Band for Medium and Bronze Band for those with no recognized housing need but would still like to be considered for housing. Once registered you will be informed in an email or by letter of your Shropshire HomePoint reference number, your band, your registration date and basic bedroom entitlement.

3. With your reference number you can then begin to apply for properties; this is more commonly known as bidding. The weekly property cycle, runs from a Wednesday until midnight the following Tuesday. Properties are predominatly advertised on the Shropshire HomePoint website and you have 7 days to bid, so there is no rush. You are able to apply for 1 affordable / social rented property each cycle and express an interest in other property types you are interested in.

4. The successful applicant will be the one in the highest band, with the longest waiting time and is assessed as eligible for the property. It is the landlord and not HomePoint that allocates the property.

5. If successful, you will be asked to view the property. If you like the property, have supplied the documentation needed and pass the verification and reference checks by the Landlord, you may be offered the property.

6. The Landlord will ask you to move in on an agreed date and you will need to sign a tenancy agreement or exchange contracts if purchasing the property.

7. Once you sign your tenancy agreement, your application with Shropshire HomePoint is closed. If you wish to rejoin the Housing Register you will need to complete a new application and start again.

8. If you have not heard from the Landlord within about two weeks of the end of the property cycle, it probably means you have not been successful. Property results are published on the HomePoint website for you to review.


Ways to apply for a property

Once you have registered with HomePoint, you can apply for properties in the following ways:

•  Log onto the HomePoint Website at

•  Call the automated 24 hour bidding line on 0345 520 2505

•  Apply by text message from your mobile phone on 0786 001 5237

Example 15432 01/01/1970 2134

Reference Number (space) D/O/B (space) Property Reference Number

•  Write into HomePoint

•  Telephone HomePoint on 0300 303 8595.


Posting applications and correspondence

Shropshire HomePoint cannot collect underpaid mail. Should you decide to send in a paper application form or need to send in correspondence, please check carefully the full postage has been paid.

Please ask at your local post office or alternatively check online at for postage rates and costs.


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